About Us

Essex Homecare comprises of a unique blend of home care specialists from varied backgrounds caring for the elderly, especially those that are attached to their own homes.  The primary objective of Essex Homecare is to provide professional, friendly care service in respecting and promoting the individuality of their clients especially those who are under their care, making them to feel more valuable, respected, honoured midst of their family members, feeling connected to their emotional ethos.

Our highly trained healthcare professionals from nursing background invariably adds a personal touch to their career progressions from Health care professionals towards nursing, while providing their invaluable services within Havering and Redbridge boroughs and its respective neighbours.

We care for people who have a disability, people recovering from a major surgery, accidents, illness, or any particularly specialised care needs motivating them to live a life as closely and independently as possible especially the elderly who have no one to care for. We also provide services not only to our clients but also to the family members who need a bit of a break from their routine tasks as being the primary carer.

At Essex Homecare we are committed to provide high quality care and specialised healthcare staffing solutions to meet your needs passionately serving to make a difference in people's live we care for.

All our staff members undergo a rigorous in house training such as the 15 standards known as Care certificate by Skills for Care, criminal checks known as Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) in order to support you with stress free solution. Our staff members are also inducted on an ongoing training known as QCF Level 2, Level 3 and Level 5 previously known as NVQ (national Vocational Training) in Health and Social Care while maintaining the client's individuality and upholding their dignity in their own homes or in the community circles.

We also have as part of our induction standards works best within the organisation’s performance management systems in place with regular appraisals and supervisions to ensure that our staff are at their best and robust spot checks in place ensures a protected security to your loved ones.

We are sincerely committed to provide high quality service to all our service users, to experience our professional and friendly care staf.

Please call us on (+44 1708741014) or email us at info@essexhomecare.co.uk to find out how can we care for you or your loved ones


What makes us Unique

No matter how much ever the company tries to achieve its best there is always a  room for improvement. We at Essex Homeare are constantly working hard in achieving our best in providing quality care to our clients and most importantly at their homes. No wonder how hard the healthcare system develops, no matter how efficient it must have been, most health care professionals agree that their is no place like a home which provides such an ambience of connection between our client and the staff building that rapport is the key for the patients who recover at a tremendous pace. No place is a home like a home. It is this uniqueness that makes us special in providing a live in care 24 hrs a day without living their homes.

We are specialist in striking the balance between work and family life especially within the domiciliary care setting not only our carers are professionally trained but also go through a shadow period along with our senior staff before they start working for Essex Homecare. In this way the support plan from its conception till execution is individually designed in meeting the client's needs which takes precedence on a one-to-one basis.

Advantages of having a 24hr care:

  • Keeping the comforts of one’s home: This is of greatest importance in retaining your independence by visiting the garden with a yard that you like, friends and family members passing by and a room of your own making your own choices and decisions. Above  all the #1 advantage of in-home care is keeping the items that you love easily accessible.
  • Personalised one - one care: At Essex Homecare we are working constantly in providing a personalized care ensuring that your loved ones gets 100% attention and quality care which will not be compromised in order to achieve the desired comfort whether it is an hour call, half an hour, half day or live-in care would be spent valuably as a compassionate companion to your loved ones.
  • Upheaval the independence, privacy, confidentiality, and confidence of your loved ones: The key question addressed at Essex Homecare  is what makes your loved ones feel comfortable, protected by privacy and confidentiality? The answer most likely lies within the question itself the home of course. In the process of uplifting the confidentiality of your loved ones the home makes them to recover faster, easier within the familiarity of their home environment. The home care services comprises of a range of services beginning from personal care, escorting, pension money withdrawal, medication, reminders, going for appointments, laundry, escorting, meal preparation, grocery and shopping the list is inexhaustible.  
  • Family support and participation: Each of our clients have their own committed care coordinator who is committed in involving the family member in the care of your loved ones and constantly communication making sure that the family members are happy with the services being provided for your loved ones. In this way the communication is the key in order help the family member involved in promoting the independence and instilling confidence in your loved ones. This means that our care coordinator and field offices ensuring our qualified professional staff do uninformed spot checks visiting your loved one at no additional charge.
  • Peace of Mind: The friendly staff visits your loved one’s knowing their likes, dislikes, their preferences and choices that your loved ones make not only helps us at Essex Homecare to provide optimum premium service but also ensure your peace of mind.