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Understanding your options: What is Home Care also known as Non-Medical

Essex Home care or non medical home care relates to services that help the elderly who are in need assistance in their day today activities from the comfort of their own home. Home care is a model that includes both formal and informal support from a range of people such as family members, neighbours, friends, associates, who are all working together with the Essex Home Care establishments who are passionate in getting your loved ones to remain independent and carry out the day to day activities in meeting your goals and expected outcome.

Considering your options

At Essex Home Care we focus on person centered care which matches the care requirements coupled with a series of questions which can be viewed at FAQ sections of our website.

How does the process work:

When you the family members have heard greatly about carers or health care professionals and nursing homes assisted with living community, adult day care center etc each one has different elderly options to choose from. However Home care differs significantly from other services.

If your loved ones chose to remain at home we can refer to caregivers who can help in keeping your family ties stronger and home care is your first step.

Once identified your loved one's needs, you need to contact us, having answered your questions one of our staff or the Manager will visit you to do an assessment of your needs any risk assessments to be done and will take it further what type of service you are looking forward to and the costs involved.

For your added security all our Health Care Professionals are DBS checked and highly skilled at what they do