RESPITE CARE: Temporary Care for the Family Caregiver

It basically means that the family member who is the prime carers of the service user needs a break from the routine or to go on a holiday by requesting respite care gives an opportunity for the client’s family members to take the much needed break from your responsibilities. The primary goal of the respite care is to give an opportunity to recharge, refresh and renew your care taking spirit filled with energy and enthusiasm than just being confined to your house or to the room associated with the care.

We at Essex Home Care understand how important is to have a break from your busy schedule for at times when the situations trouble you and test your abilities and capabilities on one hand to take care of your family responsibilities and on the other to care for your elderly which burns you down as a care giver. Added to it that you don’t have a time for yourself leaving very little room for growth both emotionally and psychologically it is at this point to contact Essex Home Care for its services before getting burnt out.  

It is important to know that just because you are shouldering responsibility with Essex Home Care will in no way abandoning your family members it is about sticking the balance for your loved ones and for your peace of mind. It is important to care for yourself apart from the efforts put into caring for your loved ones.